Patriot Abatement Services LLC (PAS LLC) is dedicated to providing the best service available in the environmental industry. We take pride in providing extremely responsive service without sacrificing competitive pricing and quality of our work.

PAS LLC strives to provide strategic solutions that are aligned with the business goals of our clients, while caring about the environment and the delivery of sustainable solutions.

Lead Based Paint and Mold Remediation

More than 25,000 sq ft. of lead based paint and mold were stabilized and removed while protecting structures that needed maintained for historical preservation.

We are committed to:


  • Patriot Abatement Services LLC meets all OSHA and EPA guidelines. We determine if it's possible to remain in the facility during
    abatement procedures, while guaranteeing the safety of every occupant.

Competitive Pricing

  • By keeping overhead to a minimum, we offer a more affordable pricing structure than our competitors.


  • A rapid return of the structure to you is our primary goal. We understand we are usually the first step in the process and are
    committed to a rapid safe return to the customer.


  • We are a customer focused company that understands the needs of each project. Our project managers have access to executives
    day or night for a rapid response to our customer.


  • Our team is committed to providing you dedicated service and support from the initial planning phase throughout completion
    of the project.

Patriot Abatement Services personnel are trained, licensed and highly skilled in asbestos and lead abatement and enjoy a clean record of compliance in this highly regulated industry.

Asbestos abatement has been the hallmark of our service offerings and we have worked on a variety of large-scale projects in government buildings, schools, hospitals, hotels, industrial facilities and more. We bring over 55 years of combined environmental services experience
to help resolve any environmental needs that may arise during your projects.

We have a proven track record in the proper abatement of asbestos-containing materials, while keeping our workers safe with exceptionally low experience modification rates (EMR) and OSHA incident rates to back up our work and our commitment to health and safety on the job. In partially occupied buildings, we perform our services while assuring the safety of other building occupants.