Rapid Response, Transite Pipe Removal in Cedar Rapids

The flood of 2008 put more than 10 sq. miles of Cedar Rapids under water when the Cedar River crested at 31.12 feet. The damage to the city was extensive with an estimated cost of $2.4 billion in damage to the city’s infrastructure and future flood management options. Many of Cedar Rapids’ facilities were impacted in the flood including the city hall, jail, municipal court, central fire department, and main library, all of which were completely flooded. These and many other facilities were completely lost during the flood and demolition of these sites was the only option.

One of the facilities being demolished in May of this year was the Cedar Rapids Boys & Girls Club and during theĀ demolition Patriot Abatement Services was contacted to remove a Transite pipe discovered under the facility’s foundation. Transite pipe is anĀ asbestos-cement based product that was used in shingles, siding, flues, roof drain piping, water piping, and sanitary sewer drain piping. Patriot Abatement Services was contacted and their Rapid Response team was dispatched to the site to assess the situation, contain the the pipe, and remove it from the site.